Where to learn about aerosol art

Graffiti: nowadays you can see it everywhere from subway cars to city avenues and from small suburbs to abandoned buildings. While some might see it as vandalism, others appreciate it as a form of art. The latter has been thoroughly proven right lately by the many artists who leave aerosol masterpieces on the city walls. If you want to be a graffiti artist as well, you can learn about it in various teaching institutions. Here are some of them:

Online tutorials

Before going down in the street to cover a wall with your latest design, you have to spend some time perfecting your technique. Online tutorials on aerosol art are packed with precious information, and you can discover a lot about this practice in just a few hours of browser searching. Experienced artists teach some of these courses, and you might have to pay a small fee to view them. Nevertheless, if you dig deeper, you might find some valuable tips and tricks on the aerosol painting for free.

Community centers

If you visit your city center, you will find a myriad of free courses on various subjects that you can study. One of them is aerosol art, a practice that attracts more and more people of different ages. Here, you can learn about various forms of graffiti, how to scribble and where to draw without getting in trouble with the law.

Street artists

When you want to find out the deepest secrets of aerosol art, you need to go to the very core of this practice. Talk to the true artists that spend most of their time in the street drawing and reconditioning old murals. This method will follow a less traditional form of education, but it also provides a lot of precious experience that will come in handy for your future career as a graffiti artist.