Is graffiti real art?

Graffiti has been a part of human society since the ancient times. Many people despised it back when it was nothing more than unreadable scribbling on the city walls. In time, however, the talented artists that started painting absolute masterpieces on buildings changed this perception. Their incredible depictions have attracted the support and admiration of entire communities, some of which hired street painters to enliven their gray neighborhoods with colorful paintings. Nowadays, you can stroll with your lady through the city and see everything from silly puns written on buildings to masterful paintings that cover entire edifices.grafitti

The earliest forms of mural art

Some of the oldest messages we have from our ancestors are in the form of scribbling on cave walls. The earliest mural paintings date from thousands of years ago before any language was invented. The ancient era offers an image of the way people lived back then through the drawings they left on their citadel walls. When you come to think about it, graffiti is one of the best forms of communication that transcends entire millennia, generations and civilizations. One might even take this kind of art as a teaching through human history.

Graffiti as a political statement

Aerosol art is all about freedom of speech. The artists may cover entire buildings to deliver a message or to say nothing at all. Some bold individual use graffiti to make political statements when others form of expression are suppressed. With their endeavor, they can spark revolutions, raise awareness and attract the support of their friends and their Sex Z├╝rich girls.

Why graffiti is sometimes a nuisance

Wall paintings are widely appreciated for their inspirational messages or their staggering beauty. However, some people find them as an affront and a problem. These individuals are usually the owners of the buildings that graffiti artists chose for an overnight makeover. While the result might seem like an essential masterpiece to most people, to the ones who renovated those houses, it is a huge financial debacle. Their annoyance is understandable when you consider that many of them have taken money from their family and their friends to repaint the outer walls of their homes.

Impress your friends with a graffiti tour

A large city attracts thousands of aerosol art practitioners. In fact, the bigger the city, the more graffiti you will find. Some of these street paintings are genuine masterpieces that would impress even the pickiest art critics. If you want to create a good impression on your girl, take them on a tour of the best graffiti in your town. You might surprise them with your appreciation for modern art and your idea of a unique date experience.

The future of aerosol art

It is hard to say where the future of graffiti will be. Some cities apply harsh laws against aerosol art, and put the artists straight to jail when they catch them in the act. Other communities embrace the artists who choose to decorate their walls with artsy messages. It all depends on where you practice this art and what you want to communicate with it.