Tips for beginners

Almost every town has an important graffiti that attracts the crowds and inspires the upcoming artists. The art of scribbling and painting city walls is a practice available to anyone who is ready to invest passion and hard work into it. Here are some tips to guide your first steps on to the road to becoming a successful graffiti artist:

Start small

Every upcoming artist dreams about painting an entire building with an elaborate graffiti. Don’t worry; you will get there someday. First, you have to improve your technique and find a unique, recognizable style. Start by buying a notebook and a pen and draw whenever you have some spare time. It does not have to be something meaningful or even aesthetically impressive. Focus on your developing skill and only sketch whatever crosses your mind.

Study other artists

Various forms of graffiti have been recorded since the ancient times. Almost everywhere you look in an old city you are bound to find a design, a drawing or a simple scribbling on a building. Study the local artists and the international masters online to find out more about their technique, their evolution and the materials they use.

Focus on one design

After a few months of daily sketches, it is time to pass to the next level. By now you have probably found both inspiration and a relevant message in other people’s graffiti. Work on a design that defines your current stage of progress and draw it again and again until you get it right. Practice with various types of pens, markers, and sketches to improve your technique.

Your first graffiti

Now that you have complete control on your technique and you can draw your chosen design with your eyes closed, it is time to make your first graffiti. Find a location in your town that are either deserted or which supports mural art and practice your drawing. From there on, there is no limit to where your talent will take you if you fuel it with dedication and persistence.